Podcast Interview: A Walk in the Park

Feb 17, 2021

During the summer of 2019, I was spending a lot of time reflecting on my time as a public relations professional. A lot of walks and hikes in various parks around Portland, listening to podcasts, seeking inspiration.

Nearly two decades into my career I had achieved a lot but I was ready for a new challenge.

I knew I had a new calling to become a health coach, but it took some outside perspective to help connect the dots.

Enter Karen Pattock and Kathleen LeGrys. They are business coaches FOR health coaches. There are tens of thousands of health coaches out there that need coaching on how to start their business, differentiate themselves, find new clients, and build a sustainable and scalable model.

They have a great podcast called "The Wellness Business Podcast." I started listening to them during my walks, inspired by their guests, mesmerized by their successes, and thinking to myself "wouldn't it be amazing to one day be interviewed by Kathleen and Karen?"

After joining their "Wellness Business Accelerator" program in 2019 and signing up for some of their services to start my business off right, I had the confidence I needed to succeed.

Fast forward 18 months, and sure enough, they invited me to be a guest on their podcast! Listen below!

It was truly an honor to be interviewed to discuss my journey and how I help communicators and marketers prioritize their well-being so they can shine. 

Thank you, Karen and Kathleen, for all you do! You've helped me realize that this is all just as simple as...a walk in the park! I kid, this isn't easy; I've worked my @$$ off for this! Let's go!


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