My Journey With Peloton

Oct 01, 2019

It was amazing to speak with Crystal and Tom O’Keefe on the Peloton fan podcast “The Clip Out” about my weight loss journey and my love for Peloton. Enjoy!

Typically, I only hear the word “Peloton” around June and July when the Tour de France is on. Peloton means the main group of riders who essentially work together towards a common goal. Sometimes that’s a breakaway rider, but a lot of the time they are all pushing each other towards the end of each stage.

So, when I learned about Peloton over a year ago, the concept immediately came to life. As I’ve posted about the bike through my social networks, several friends have asked me more about my experience. I thought I’d share mine with you.

What is Peloton?

In literal terms, Peloton is a spin bike for use at your home (commercial-grade versions are available in select hotels, including a partnership with Westin).

How much does it cost?

The bike is $1995.00

What I love:

The community. I am still amazed that in particular when I ride live, that I’m one of hundreds of others across the country who are taking the same ride.

Its technology is simple. Walt Mossberg, a famous technology reviewer for The Wall Street Journal, co-founder of Re/Code and columnist at The Verge, was always a champion for making technology simple to use. The user interface on both the tablet and mobile app is very easy to use. The in-ride interface is a data lover’s dream. Cadence, output, kilocalories, heart rate are all available at a glance.

Keep in mind:

You’re buying a bike AND a monthly service. This is not cheap. The bike is $2,000 and it costs to ship and install the bike in your home. There is also a $40/month fee to use the service. Feel free to do your own homework to see how this compares to what you pay to stay fit


Peloton Website 


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