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Helio, From Chasing the Sun®

Delivering a Bright Approach to Your Team's Well-being.™️

Are you an agency, human resources, or employee engagement executive looking for a strategic partner?

Yes! I want to energize my team!

Helio, From Chasing the Sun

Delivering a Bright Approach to Your Team's Well-being.

Are you an agency, human resources, or employee engagement executive looking for a strategic partner?

Yes! I Want to energize my team!

The Health, Financial, and Reputational Impact of Employee Well-Being

High achievers are burning out at a high rate. It’s time to treat ourselves better - for the sake of ourselves, our loved ones, and our careers. But we must do so in a realistic, practical, and actionable way.

By the Numbers

How many people are in your organization?



Employees who think mental health isn’t a valid reason to take time off.1


Annual days of productivity lost due to presenteeism.2



The annual cost of poor health due to workplace including absence, disability, presenteeism, and opportunity costs.3

The Solution?


A Year-Round, Comprehensive and Inclusive Approach for Individual, Team, and Enterprise Wellness Programming

No two companies have the same challenges to taking care of their employees' well-being. Let's design one that works for your needs.

Individual Wellness

You want your employees to stay healthy. We work together to empower all employees to prioritize their well-being in a way that works for them while helping your organization reach its objectives.

Leadership Wellness

Managers are learning how to adapt to a hybrid work environment. We share practical and actionable tools to increase transparency and rapport, ultimately reducing stress, anxiety, and turnover across your team.

Enterprise Wellness

Together, we establish an approach for your entire organization that empowers your employees while staying connected to your company's core values and priorities.


Renee Schlachter, VP People, Extensis

“Mark’s planted some really practical seeds on how each of us can prioritize our health & wellness and debunk the idea that ‘we don’t have time.’ I’m excited to see how this comes alive in our daily lives and highly recommend his session for any organization committed to the well-being of their team!”

The Helio Recipe for a Winning Program

The Recipe for a Winning Wellness Program

Cup of Relatability

Programming is designed by a public relations executive with more than a decade of hybrid work experience who understands the challenges of fellow professionals at all career levels.

Dash of Practicality

Realistic yet impactful guidance empowers employees to prioritize their well-being to improve confidence and productivity and reduce costly turnover.

Sprinkle of Action

Our programs are data-driven, inspiring, and actionable for you to implement immediately. Pre- and post-program work is included to give employees clear direction on what to do next to achieve their goals.

A Complete Solution for Your Organization





Strategic Content Series

Measuring Effectiveness

A Complete Solution for Your Organization





Content Series

Measuring Effectiveness

Planning With Intention

Planning With Intention

Starting on the Right Foot

Our kick-off discussion is essential to deliver the best approach for your company. We assess the challenges and opportunities to empower your employees to make themselves a priority and how it connects with your company's business objectives. The result? A strategic, actionable plan that aligns with the needs of your employees.

Mark Mohammadpour


Engaging Conversations To Connect and Empower Your Employees

The hybrid work experience requires a new approach to managing the rest of our lives, particularly our mental and physical health. We share practical health, wellness, and fitness tips through first- and third-party insights, apply traditional business planning techniques to create customized fitness and wellness goals, and create actionable plans that will team members on the right path.

Mark Mohammadpour

Workshop Topics Include*

Designing an Accountability Plan

We share practical health, wellness, and fitness tips to apply traditional business planning techniques to create customized fitness and wellness goals through first- and third-party insights. Together, we create a one-page fool-proof wellness accountability plan that will set you on your path.

Managing in the Hybrid Era

We share relatable, practical, and actionable tips to ensure you and your teams have an open line of communication. Using these tips will help build confidence with clients and managers, give them the flexibility to manage their family and job, and ultimately show you as a trusted advisor while reducing your stress and anxiety.

New Professional Soft Skills Guide

Designed to help new professionals reduce pitfalls and feel empowered and confident heading into a new career, this session will discuss the essential soft skills people need to keep in mind when starting their journey.

Designing a Team Charter

As a team, we design a charter that emphasizes the benefits of an equitable work environment and establishes agreed-upon expectations. This demonstrates clear leadership and empowers employees to care about their well-being, ultimately reducing employee burnout and turnover.

Taking Guilt-Free Vacations

The U.S Travel Association says that Americans leave nearly 800 million days of paid time off that's rightfully theirs every year. That has serious health issues for employees and financial and reputation problems for businesses. We discuss a proactive approach to taking time off guilt-free that will empower you and your teams.

Reimagining the Workplace

As many employees return to the workplace, organizations take the opportunity to rethink workspace purpose and design. For some, it's a new emphasis on collaboration. For others, it's about engagement and inclusion. Whatever the priority, companies need to include their employees in the conversation. We discuss ways on how to do so in an impactful way.

*This is just a sample. Please email me to learn more about my other topics, or let's work together on a brand-new session!



Specialized 1:1 Coaching For Your Team

Our “why” is the driving factor behind accurate, stable health results, and takes proactive thinking, building momentum, and intentional goal-setting. We help your team establish healthy mindsets first and then tackle their desired transformation. You get empathy, practicality, and impact when working with Chasing the Sun. Topics discussed may include, but are not limited to:

  • Fitness, Health, and Nutrition
  • Career Guidance
  • Management and Leadership 
Mark Mohammadpour

Erin Tsang, Amazon Web Services

"Mark’s program provided much-needed practical and relatable inspiration for our global communications team to take that first step on their wellness journey."

Strategic Content Series

Content Library

Empower Your Employees to Take Action Within Minutes

Chasing the Sun offers an enterprise-wide digital content series to share with your employees to empower them to act. Every month, you'll receive fresh and timely content that is research-based and designed around your organization's priorities and core values.


Taylor Long, Corporate PR Manager, Autodesk

"Mark's personal health journey was inspirational to hear, and he gave specific, actionable tips we could incorporate into our busy lives. I liked how the session was interactive and we got to hear from other attendees about how they will commit to living a better life. Mark’s energy and enthusiasm are uplifting and I highly recommend his workshop to anyone looking to build health and wellness into their daily routine.”


Delivering an Outside Perspective

Have an excellent benefits package and looking for ways for employees to take action? An outside perspective to think through the lens of the employee can help companies execute the right channel strategy to reach their audience. We work with your internal communications and HR teams to launch and sustain wellness initiatives so that employees know and use all the programs available.

Pulse Surveys

Measuring Impact

Extensive annual and semi-annual surveys are cumbersome and not timely enough to make immediate changes. We will work with your team to design a mixture of quantitative and qualitative surveys shared with employees in a way that they can respond in 60 seconds. These short surveys will be quick to take, consistently distributed, and show a feedback loop and actions taken based on the results.


About Mark Mohammadpour, Your Chief Wellness Officer

Through my health programs, I share the insights I gained during my public relations career and 150-pound weight loss journey to empower people to prioritize their mental and physical well-being so they can shine in the family room and the board room.

Throughout my career, I have:

● Run award-winning eight-figure virtual public relations teams at Edelman and Weber Shandwick for companies including Adobe, Microsoft, and the U.S. Army.

● Presented wellness topics for more than 10,000 people worldwide through online and in-person workshops.

 ● Worked with more than 40 organizations to improve the well-being of their teams.

● Logged more than 2,000 hours studying health and wellness concepts as a certified nutrition coach, health coach, and personal trainer.

● Written more than two dozen (and counting!) columns on workplace wellness for the Public Relations Society of America's (PRSA) Strategies and Tactics Magazine, Ragan, and Thrive Global.

Mark Mohammadpour

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