Career and Health Coaching Designed for Busy Professionals

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Career and Health Coaching Designed for Busy Professionals

Mark Mohammadpour
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How Do You Feel Right Now?

How do you feel in your clothes? How do you feel when you sleep and when you wake up? How do you feel when you move?

The answers to these questions impact every aspect of your life, including your mental well-being and overall self-confidence. And in a professional career, confidence is everything! Confidence impacts how we present ourselves and how well we can influence others. Whether that’s in a job interview, a boardroom, or speaking on-camera to reporters - you need to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Listen: It’s not all about the number on the scale. Metrics like BMI (Body Mass Index) can be misleading and don’t tell the whole story. These measurements need to be put into the context of your other health factors - such as blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and mental health - when you visit your primary care physician.

Your relationship with food, time, and exercise all affect those health numbers! This is where I can help you make a significant, sustainable transformation in your life.

Mark Mohammadpour


"Mark and Chasing the Sun has been just what I needed, exactly when I needed it! Great tips to help decrease stress, eat healthier and improve overall well-being. The 1:1 calls keep me grounded and accountable. I’m changing my mindset and making small, foundational changes thanks to Mark."


"Mark is one of the most energetic, enthusiastic, and inspiring people I’ve met. He has a true passion for helping people and that’s reflected in everything he does. He draws from his years of experience in the public relations field to explain how the fast-paced profession can lead to stress and weight gain – and how to overcome them. I recommend his weight loss-stress reduction program because I know it works."


"Mark is a joy to work with and extremely supportive. His 1-on-1 coaching was immensely helpful. As my trusted advisor, he provided coaching as I transitioned into a new area of communications and provided valuable insights as I considered projects outside of work. With regular check-ins and month-long guidance, I received support every step of the way. I highly recommend Mark!"


"Mark’s passion for helping others reframe their thinking about health and wellness shines through and his personal stories of his own health (and PR!) journey are instrumental in making Chasing the Sun so successful. PR pros must take notice."

A Different Kind of Wellness Advisor

Think about WHY you want to be healthy. Do you want to live longer? Be the best version of yourself? Reach the pinnacle of success in your career? Is it for your kids? Your partner? Your loved ones?

Our “why” is the driving factor behind real, stable health results. It takes proactive thinking, building momentum, and intentional goal-setting. We’ll work on all of that, together.

We’ll also examine how you approach time. Your TIME is your LIFE. Many people de-prioritize their health because they think they don’t have time for it. It’s possible to make simple yet impactful changes around time management.

We also need to consider your Plan B. The best laid healthy eating plans easily go awry when our first meal choice is unavailable at a restaurant, or drinks after work with co-workers can’t be avoided. Your Plan B covers those inevitable interruptions and allows you to retain control of your progress.

I’m the coach who can help you establish healthy mindsets, first, and then tackle the physical transformation you desire. When you work with me, you get empathy, practicality, and impact.

Health Coaching and Trusted Professional Advisor

My counsel has helped thousands of professionals all over the world learn and grow personally and professionally. Through my coaching programs, business leaders have lost and kept off more than 100 pounds, landed their dream jobs, navigated challenging work issues with style and grace, and earned five-figure raises, to name a few wins.

I offer two individual coaching options that can help you meet your personal and professional goals.

Single 1-on-1 Coaching Session

Invest $300 for a 60-minute coaching session

My private 1:1 coaching sessions take place via phone call or video call. You’ll share what you’re working on and where you need support. I’ll share my ideas, experience and any relevant insights to help you solve your challenges and take your health and/or career to the next level.


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Three-Month 1-on-1 Coaching Program

Invest $2,000 for three months of dedicated coaching

My three-month 1:1 coaching program takes place via phone call or video call. You’ll share what you’re working on and where you need support. We’ll schedule a two-hour Deep Dive Strategy Session to kick us off, and then a 60-minute call each month, plus I’ll send you weekly assignments based on your goals, and I’ll be available to you all month for support via text and phone. I’ll share my ideas, experience, and relevant insights to help solve your health or career challenges.


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We're a Good Fit If:

You want to build confidence.

You feel stuck in your job/career.

You need motivation.

You want relatable and actionable advice. 

We're Not a Good Fit If:

You won't consistently show up.

You can't make yourself a priority.

You're looking for quick fixes.

You can't be reflective. 

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