Chasing the Sun Wellness Workshops: Engaging. Practical. Actionable. 

To continue to advance personally and professionally, we must advocate for ourselves and take care of our mind and body.

I LOVE giving workshops. The energy I get from working with students and professionals is why I want to help people incorporate health and wellness so they can reduce stress, grow in their career, and thrive.

I lead discussions that give participants practical tips and tools to prioritize their health and wellness.


Through my workshops, participants:

  • Learn insights based on survey results from peers on their experiences with health and the workplace.

  • Apply traditional business planning techniques to create fitness and wellness goals that work for anyone, and set themselves and their teams up for success.

  • Learn practical health, wellness and fitness tips that are tailored to those who work from home.

One Workshop Attendee Has Lost 65 Pounds!

His Amazing Story:


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Ann Smith, President, A.wordsmith

Mark at Chasing the Sun is an incredible resource for professionals working to balance their lives, careers and health.  The workshop he led for our team was exactly what we needed at this time of quarantine when it’s easy to fall into a rut, work tirelessly and forgo the things that bring us joy and feelings of self-worth. It sounds basic but we all need reminded that it’s not just ok, but critical, to put ourselves first so that we can show up most effectively for everyone else around us. Thanks Mark for being such a source of motivation and inspiration for us all!

Taylor Long, Corporate PR Manager, Autodesk

I attended the 2019 PRSA International Conference and joined Mark’s workshop on how communication professionals can prioritize health and wellness. His personal health journey was inspirational to hear, and he gave specific, actionable tips we could incorporate into our busy lives. I liked how the session was interactive and we got to hear from other attendees about how they will commit to living a better life. Mark’s energy and enthusiasm are really uplifting and I would highly recommend his workshop to anyone looking to build health and wellness into their daily routine.

Lily Gordon, public relations at Coursera and former University of Oregon PRSSA President

Mark is an empathetic, engaging and seasoned speaker. During his presentation to the University of Oregon’s PRSSA chapter, he met students where they were at the moment and will be in the near future. Through personal anecdotes, hard numbers and interactive solutions, Mark gave the students a wake up call to the health dangers of entering the communications world while simultaneously making it clear there are realistic ways to maintain fitness and wellness in an incredibly stressful world. After Mark’s talk, students felt empowered to pursue their professional dreams without sacrificing their personal well being.

Meredith Mirrington, Global Communications Leader, Amazon Web Services

I had the opportunity to start a conversation with Mark less about physical wellness and more about career and mental wellness. Based on his own impressive journey within the PR profession, Mark is a wealth of information and perspective for any communications professional who wants more from their career and professional life so they can thrive in their personal life as well. But more than that, Mark is someone who genuinely wants others to live their best lives in their best light - he is the epitome of chasing the sun and helped me chase my dreams as well.

William Careri, PRSSA at Temple University, assistant firm director at PRowl Public Relations

“Mark’s session on living your best PR life resonated with myself and my colleagues. With Chasing the Sun, he has truly captured the struggles us communicators face on a daily basis. His grasp on not only the communication industry, but health and wellness has made for an invaluable resource. I find it impossible to listen to him and not take away something valuable that you can then include in your everyday life.”

Jacque Coe, APR

As a business owner and PRSA leader, I’ve seen a lot of workshops and speakers that promise to motivate, inspire and provide concrete tools, but fail to deliver. Mark nails this in the first ten minutes. Mark connects with everyone in a very genuine, human way, then helps each to develop a unique plan that’s realistic and measurable. He does so because he marries his impressive experience as a communicator with tremendous energy and passion that ensures everyone walks out the door with a solid plan for a better life. Bottomline, Mark inspires me to achieve my goals for my health, so I can achieve for my family and my clients.

Megan Donaldson, marketing at Lockheed Martin and former PRSA Oregon New Professional of the Year

“This workshop was extremely educational and inspired me to adopt a better approach to my health. Mark provided me with the tools necessary to integrate health and wellness practices into my work life in a way that was easy and achievable. It was especially helpful to connect with other PR professionals on shared challenges and work together to develop a plan for a healthier me. I would recommend this workshop to anyone in the PR industry that is looking to make lasting changes towards a healthy lifestyle!”

Dave Thompson, APR

Mark Mohammadpour, APR is showing us how to do something many of us woefully neglect—take care of ourselves. Mark has figured out through his unique life experience that we can’t take care of others’ needs until we have our own in balance. His mindful, nuanced approach to self-care is neither naïve nor simplistic. It is instead wonderfully strategic—just as our work must be. Mark is the PR health guru most of us needed long, long ago. Thank goodness he’s here now!

Marie Van Rysselberghe, Revere, a DJE Company

“I’ve always prided myself on being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, no matter the circumstances. It wasn’t until I transitioned to my first post-grad PR job that I realized how challenging it can be at times to make time for your personal health and well-being while working in this industry. Especially in agency life, where things move a mile a minute and there’s always more to be done, it can be easy to let work seep into all hours of your day. Fortunately, Mark knows this, and he knows it well. He has been an incredible resource, advocate and role model for me when it comes to finding a healthy balance between work and well-being. Mark’s workshop not only contextualizes the crucial importance of prioritizing health in your everyday life but also provides actionable tips that are easy to incorporate into any routine. Mark’s guidance has helped me to realize that many of my day-to-day stresses are common across the profession, and they are manageable. With the right perspective, prioritizing your health will make you happier, healthier — and a better communicator.”

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