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Engaging, Inspiring, and Actionable Discussions That Deliver Life-Changing Results.

To continue to advance personally and professionally, we must advocate for ourselves and take care of our minds and body.

I LOVE giving workshops, even while riding my at-home spin bike! The energy I get from working with students and professionals is why I want to help people incorporate health and wellness so they can reduce stress, grow in their careers, and succeed.

I lead discussions that give participants practical tips and tools to prioritize their health and wellness.

Through my workshops, participants:

  • Learn insights based on survey results from peers on their experiences with health and the workplace.
  • Apply traditional business planning techniques to create fitness and wellness goals that work for anyone, and set themselves and their teams up for success.
  • Learn practical health, wellness, and fitness tips that are tailored to those who work from home.

Most of all, they get results! Watch!

Topics We Cover:

Take control of your physical activity. You’ll learn how to stay active in a way that won’t sacrifice time spent with your family or work. Includes recommendations for staying active during and in-between meetings that won’t sacrifice your family or career. 

How to curb those comfort food and candy cravings. Together, we’ll work on approachable and practical methods to a meal prep mindset that allows you to reduce hunger pains throughout the day and curb late-night snacking so that you’ll sleep better.

Take care of your team – managing down AND up during COVID. Let’s help make remote team management an energy builder, not a zapper. Working remotely isn’t going anywhere. You’ll learn tips on how to build trust and rapport with your team that not only gives time back to you but also allows you and your team to grow.

Take care of your brain and how to take guilt-free long weekends and vacations. We need to take care of our brains! We’ll discuss recommendations for self-care, mini-breaks, and how to take proper, stress-free, and guilt-free weekends and vacations that you have earned and deserve.

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