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Wellness Officer!

Through my proven programs and experience as a healthy weight success story, I help business leaders who want to lead healthier lives learn how to prioritize their physical well-being so they can shine in the family room and the board room.

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Your Chief Wellness Officer!

Mark Mohammadpour

I help business leaders who want to lead healthier lives learn how to prioritize their physical well-being so they can shine in the family room and the board room.

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Mark Mohammadpour

Relatable, Practical, and Actionable Solutions to Your Well-Being

High achievers, particularly those in communications and PR, are burning out at a high rate. It’s time to treat ourselves better - for the sake of ourselves, our loved ones, and our careers.

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Mark Mohammadpour

Does This Sound Familiar?

You work really long hours. And you deal with “‘work emergencies” - even in your downtime.

It’s challenging for you to use up your PTO and sick time.

You’re constantly trying to prove your value at work.

You know you need to work out and eat well, but those habits take a backseat. But you also feel guilty for carving out time for rest, exercise, and healthy eating.

You may have tried diets, health programs, and coaches, but nothing worked. You’re lacking accountability to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

You know you’re stuck in poor health habits but you don’t have the time or knowledge to change them. When you have a bad day, even the best of intentions go out the window.

You Need a Chief Wellness Officer!

When the above statements describe you or the people you lead, it’s time for a change. Let’s talk about how I can spark that transformation!

I provide health programs and coaching services for working professionals, particularly those in communications and public relations.

As a PR executive, I understand the immense pressures of a high-flying career. It’s very hard to prioritize your mental and physical well-being when so many people are relying on you.

In my case, a few bad habits quickly ballooned into an extra 150 pounds. I gave myself a second chance at life when I lost that weight (and kept it off!) and now I empower others to do the same.

It IS possible to prioritize your physical and mental well-being without hurting your work performance. My programs shift mindsets and provide actionable tools to help you establish a healthy lifestyle. You’ll learn to rethink your relationship with food, time, and exercise.

Whether your goal is to change your weight, maintain sustainable habits, or just feel comfortable going to the doctor again - you’re in the right place. You deserve a second chance at life!

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Mark Mohammadpour

Let Me Introduce Myself....

Hi, I’m Mark Mohammadpour! Through my proven health programs, I share the insights I gained during my 150-pound weight loss journey to help people live their best lives. My mission is to empower business leaders to get mentally and physically fit so they can shine in every aspect of their lives.

Mark Mohammadpour

Since taking my health and wellness company full-time in 2019, I have:

● Personally coached or managed more than 50 people.

● Presented for more than 10,000 people worldwide through online and in-person workshops.

● Worked with more than 40 organizations to improve the well-being of their teams.

● Logged more than 2,000 hours studying health and wellness concepts as a certified personal trainer and health coach.

● Written more than two dozen (and counting!) columns on workplace wellness for the Public Relations Society of America's (PRSA) Strategies and Tactics Magazine and other outlets.

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What Business Leaders are Saying

Renee Schlachter, VP People


"Mark's planted some really practical seeds on how each of us can prioritize our health & wellness and debunk the idea that 'we don’t have time.' I’m excited to see how this comes alive in our daily lives and highly recommend his session for any organization committed to the wellbeing of their team!"

Meredith Mirrington,

Amazon Web Services

"Mark is someone who genuinely wants others to live their best lives in their best light - he is the epitome of chasing the sun and helped me chase my dreams as well."

Leigh Havelick, Managing Director

Bloom Communications

"Mark, his experience in public relations, specifically an agency background, lent itself so well because he empathized with where we are. He empathized with the challenges we have in making our clients happy and making the people that we love happy, as well as focusing on our own health. He benefited our team in a way that no one else that we've come in to speak has."

Carissa Sauer, APR,

Del Monte Foods

"Mark is a joy to work with and extremely supportive. His 1-on-1 coaching was immensely helpful. As my trusted advisor, he provided coaching as I transitioned into a new area of communications and provided valuable insights as I considered projects outside of work. With regular check-ins and month-long guidance, I received support every step of the way. I highly recommend Mark!"

Lindsay Leszczynski


"Mark shared surprising industry data, inspiring personal anecdotes, and tangible ways PR professionals can put their health first. Mark’s energy was infectious, he was incredibly engaging, and we received nonstop compliments from our members about how well the session resonated with them.”

William Careri

TEDx speaker and Communications Manager

"With Chasing the Sun, he has truly captured the struggles we communicators face on a daily basis. His grasp on not only the communication industry but health and wellness has made for an invaluable resource. I find it impossible to listen to him and not take away something valuable that you can then include in your everyday life.”

Ann Smith, Founder


"Mark is an incredible resource for professionals working to balance their lives, careers, and health. We all need to be reminded that it’s not just ok, but critical, to put ourselves first so that we can show up most effectively for everyone else around us. Thanks, Mark, for being such a source of motivation and inspiration for us all!”

Sally Ridenour, APR,

Oregon Department of Transportation

"Mark’s well-organized and thoughtful program really speaks to me as a communicator."

Christy McGee, APR

Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8, Colorado

"Mark’s workshop totally revamped the way I thought (and think) about health and reaching those goals, too! And the fact that Mark comes from the PR profession was the icing on the cake! Knowing this about Mark helped me connect with him from the beginning. I would highly recommend Mark for group workshops for anyone in public relations and also to consider him for professional coaching too!"

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